6 Advantages of Installing Screens on Your Pergola

6 Advantages of Installing Screens on Your Pergola

Transform your outdoor living space to combine functionality and appeal. Pergolas are effortlessly beautiful with their modern design and blend of shade and sunlight. How could you ever imagine elevating this structure further? Pergola screens are the answer. The advantages of installing screens on your pergola are numerous, whether you want to create a serene retreat or a vibrant entertainment space.

Screens Provide Additional Privacy

Imagine transforming your backyard pergola into a secluded retreat; a hidden gem where the hustle and bustle of the outside world simply melt away. Adding screens to each side of the pergola establishes a private oasis. Every activity from a tranquil Sunday reading or a nighttime party with friends feels luxurious and private when you can keep prying eyes at bay.

Screens Prevent Bothersome Bugs

Feel the fresh air without the inconvenience of bugs fluttering around your ears or landing on delectable snacks. Screens have minuscule openings that even bugs cannot penetrate! This feature is especially beneficial in the summer and fall when bugs are at their peak. Plus, it will enhance the luxurious sensation you get when relaxing outdoors.

Screens Make Pergolas Enjoyable in All Seasons

The warmth of spring, the heat of summer, the crisp air of fall, and the cold days of winter are all manageable with pergola screens. These pergola accessories help modulate the temperature for a comfortable space year-round. Screens block excessive sunlight and its accompanying heat. This barrier increases your pergola’s seasonal adaptability and relaxation no matter the weather.

Screens Protect From Strong Winds

Do intense winds bombard your backyard and force you indoors? The windscreens from BON Pergola manage everything from a brisk breeze to sweeping rainstorms for constant enjoyment outdoors. They serve as a steadfast barrier against a maximum wind speed of 60 mph.

Screens Supply Shade

Lower the screen to provide much-needed shade when the sweltering sun becomes too much. It’s perfect for cooling off your space by blocking most of the sun’s UV rays. Plus, the screen will protect your skin from sunburn, prevent you from uncomfortably squinty eyes, and enjoy a peaceful time outside.

Screens Offer Rain Protection

Keep the outdoor fun going rain or shine. Lower your pergola screens during a heavy rainfall or light showers to maintain a cool and dry space. With this pergola accessory installed, you’ll have year-round enjoyment no matter the weather.

Upgrade your backyard with one of BON Pergola’s durable and sleek aluminum pergola kits. Then, browse our website for the wind-resistant screen that pairs well with your pergola model. You can select a manual or a motorized screen based on your preference. Once you have the necessary supplies, you may embark on this incredible DIY project and reap the advantages of installing screens on your pergola!