CUSTOM Grand Retractable Pergola

Louver Pergola System with most sky view

Custom Grand Retractable Pergola

BON Pergola carefully designs and develops every product for an extravagant finish and unimaginable strength. The Custom Grand Retractable Pergola reflects our best work yet. It fully retracts on days when you want a full-sky experience; watch the clouds pass by, bask in the sunlight, or spend an evening in awe of the stars.

When unpredictable weather approaches, the structure will cover the entire base for remarkable protection. The Custom Grand Retractable Pergola will close tightly, so rain, wind, and snow don’t penetrate the roof. Every day or evening will be well spent with this aluminum custom modern pergola in your backyard.


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Complete Protection

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Lead time 8-12 weeks, we have inventory avaliable for standard sizes