You can find exact dimension in the pictures. And if you would need spec drawing for engineering purpose, please feel free to contact us! Simply click below to get your instructions! (Real Person installation video below)

Free Standing Weatherproof Pergola:

  1. Paper Instruction: FreeStanding 15x15 or 15x19 => BON Pergola - Weatherproof Pergola 15x15 and 15x19 installation instruction
  2. Video Instruction for assembly (Animation):Video 1
  3. Video Instruction for assembly (In person):Video 2

Motorized Screen/Shade: (Electrician highly recommended, ALWAYS make sure the top/mid/bottom width is the same before installing the screen while its level is the golden rules))

  1. Motorized Screen/Shade Set up => Motorized Screen / Shade Set up
  2. Motorized Screen Limit Reset => Limit Reset

Process Detail in Words: Plan where you want the wire to fish through. Recommend either goes into the post, the beam on top, or comes out from the front cover > Remove Side track front cover > Remove Zipper Guide > Drill Large hole where the zipper guide sits in order to use self tapping through to connect inner wall of side track and post later > Remove Screen OR use self tapping screw to anchor the top cassette onto the desire beam on top > Use self tapping screw to connect to the post > Put zipper guide back in with zipper inside it > Put the cover back on > Close the cover > Complete.


  1. Heater instruction = >Heater instruction

BOND Bridge Pro Home Smart System:

Video instruction = >BOND Bridge Instruction



Video INstruction

Actual Installation