How To Keep Your Patio Cool in the Summer

How To Keep Your Patio Cool in the Summer

During the summer months, patios become unbearably hot. The humidity, hot sun, and extreme temperatures transform what should be a relaxing outdoor retreat into a less inviting space.

The presence or lack of shade, cooling techniques, and the patio materials themselves each affect the temperature. Get outside and revel in the fresh air when you implement these ideas to keep your patio cool in the summer.

Plant Mature Trees for Extra Shade

Mature trees can serve a dual purpose in your backyard. They’re beautiful to admire and naturally provide shade for your patio.

Selecting mature trees means you won’t have to wait years for them to grow into a beneficial size. The canopy of a fully-grown tree offers immediate relief from the sun, reducing the ambient temperature in your patio area.

The trick is to strategically place your new trees in your yard. Pay attention to your home’s location in relation to the sun’s path. This tactic will maximize shade by blocking direct sunlight and offer an enjoyable environment for everyone.

Create a Reflective Foundation

Surfaces that emulate sunlight rather than absorbing it significantly minimize the heat underfoot and around the seating area. Light-colored pavers or tiles possess reflective properties that encourage a cooler patio. The light shade will bounce the sun's rays rather than soaking them up.

If a renovation isn't in the cards, consider adding a large, light-colored outdoor rug. Not only can it transform the look of your patio, but it’ll effectively reflect sunlight for a cooler, more comfortable base.

Choose Light-Colored Furniture

Dark colors absorb a wider spectrum of the sun's rays, causing them to heat up quickly beneath the sunlight. Naturally, dark surfaces capture and hold onto heat rather than reflecting it. Consequently, furniture or décor in dark hues can become significantly warmer and lead to a sweltering outdoor experience.

Selecting light-colored furniture for your patio is the solution. Light hues reflect sunlight, keeping your patio area cool. Choose an array of white, beige, or pastels in your outdoor furnishings to minimize heat retention.

Pick Furniture With Breathable, Weather-Resistant Fabrics

The next furniture consideration is to ensure the fabric is breathable and weather resistant. Polyester blends, linen, and olefin are preferable because of their weatherproof characteristics. Regardless of whether they face high UV rays or heavy rain, these fabrics encourage air circulation, maintaining comfortable lounging areas.

Not to mention, they repel water, resist mold and mildew, and block UV rays. This combination of weather resistance and breathability makes such fabrics ideal choices for outdoor furniture. It ensures that your patio remains a comfortable, inviting space throughout the year, regardless of weather changes.

Install a Pergola To Provide Shade

Shade is one of the key components that will keep your patio cool in the summer. If you prefer a more permanent and artistic solution over small table umbrellas and canopy tents, a pergola is an aesthetically pleasing option.

Average wooden pergolas have fixed louvers that offer a blend of shade and sunlight. An aluminum louvered pergola is a sturdy modern structure that’s tremendously versatile. When it’s exceptionally sunny and hot outside, you can close the louvers for a completely covered patio.

This feature is ideal to accommodate every weather condition. At any point of the day, you can change the level of shade and sunlight for a splendid outdoor environment.

Add a Pergola Windscreen for an Even Cooler Patio

Take your new pergola a step further by adding a windscreen accessory. The windscreens can withstand up to 60 miles per hour of harsh winds. But that’s not all. The windscreens at BON Pergola also resist the sun!

Lower the windscreen on hot and sunny days. The dense screen will block the bulk of sunlight. You’ll still see your beautiful backyard as the sun lightly illuminates it. This is an incredible solution for staying cool while enjoying the outdoors.

Some users might be wary of the minimal breezes passing through the screens. The good news is that you can lower one screen at a time based on the sun’s path and your preferences. But there are additional solutions that can increase airflow on your patio that’ll make an immense difference.

Implement Fans for the Patio

Fans are always a great idea to combat the sweltering summer heat. There are several ways to incorporate these machines for a soothing breeze to keep the warmth away.

For patios equipped with a pergola, implementing ceiling fans is an excellent way to augment airflow and introduce a steady, cooling breeze. Ceiling fans designed for outdoor use not only withstand the elements but also add to your patio’s aesthetic charm. When selecting a ceiling fan, ensure it’s the appropriate size for the space to optimize air movement.

Install pergola fans at the center for even distribution. If the pergola is large, consider using multiple fans spaced evenly apart.

If you don’t have a pergola, portable fans are the answer. When positioning fans, aim for a setup that channels a gentle breeze across the seating areas without causing discomfort or scattering lightweight items. The correct placement and number of fans can create a convivial and cool environment, making your outdoor space enjoyable even on the hottest days.

For a more fixed solution, consider pedestal or wall-mounted fans that can oscillate, distributing air evenly across the entire patio area. Ensure the fans have outdoor ratings for safety and longevity as well.

Install a Misting System

A misting system will significantly lower the temperature of your patio. The refreshing mist cools the air without drenching the clothing, furniture, and summertime snacks.

These systems work by pumping water through a series of small nozzles, creating a fine spray that evaporates upon contact with the air. They work best in dry and hot climates and are easy to integrate into your patio design! Install a portable standalone unit or a more sophisticated system at the perimeter of the pergola or patio roof.

When selecting a misting system, consider options with adjustable mist levels to ensure comfort for all outdoor activities. Casual conversations, dining outdoors, and lounging in the sun will feel more luxurious with misting fans to cool you off.

There’s no need to compromise on style or comfort this summer. With thoughtful consideration and a few strategic updates, you can turn your patio into a serene oasis. Each solution, from the whispers of a misting system to the soft shade of a pergola, beckons you to relax and enjoy the summer months to their fullest.

How To Keep Your Patio Cool in the Summer