The Common Misconceptions About Pergolas

Pergolas impart an enchanting essence to residential backyards. But with several lingering misconceptions about pergolas, it’s difficult to appeal to a wider audience. It’s time to debunk these myths and learn why a pergola is a must-have backyard addition.

#1: Pergolas Are Made Solely for Shade

Pergolas provide shade, but it’s not their only function. The structure offers a delightful place for vining plants to roam and adds dimensional interest to your outdoor living space with its architectural presence.

These structures serve as an ideal base for crafting a stunning visual in your yard, particularly when adorned with climbing plants. Moreover, they offer versatility, and easily accommodate outdoor lighting as well as furniture to transform it into an enchanting alfresco dining space.

#2: Pergolas Require Substantial Maintenance

While pergolas should be cleaned of debris every once in a while to maintain a sleek appearance and protect the motorized louvers, maintenance isn’t nearly as intensive as some may think.

Aluminum pergolas aren’t prone to rotting like their wooden counterparts. Plus, aluminum is made to withstand rust and deterioration. Simply cleaning with soapy water every few months will keep it looking great without much hassle.

#3: Pergolas Are Designed for Large Yards

Pergolas are often associated with large, grand gardens. Modern design and materials have shattered this perception.

It's possible to tailor pergolas to fit even the smallest of yards. Whether you envision a cozy nook that offers privacy or a sleek structure that seamlessly extends your living space outdoors, there is a perfect pergola for you. The key lies in thoughtful design and proportions that harmonize with the spatial limitations of your yard.

#4: Pergolas Are Difficult To Install

While the thought of DIY ingenuity might excite some, many are apprehensive about the installation process. The truth is that putting together the structure from BON Pergola is a one-day endeavor.

When you purchase one of our pergola kits, you’ll receive all the materials and instructions needed to complete the project. Plus, we have supplemental tools online for additional guidance.

The modern aluminum pergola by BON Pergola debunks each of these common pergola misconceptions. They’re easy to care for, straightforward to construct without professional intervention, and look stunning in all yard sizes! Visit our website to see the amazing aluminum options and the array of accessories to choose from.