6 Must-Have Accessories for Your Pergola

6 Must-Have Accessories for Your Pergola

The architectural beauty and versatility of pergolas is undeniable as it can operate as a standalone structure. However, these robust aluminum structures are exceptional for incorporating various additions that increase functionality and personal appeal. Read on to learn about six of the must-have pergola accessories.

Summer Pergola Accessories

1. Bug Screens

Bugs can quickly compromise a peaceful summer day. Keep away relentless mosquitos, flies, bees, and more with a protective bug screen. You’ll continue enjoying your time outdoors without the need to shoo away bothersome buzzing pests.

2. Fans

Some summer days are too hot to bear. When you want to relax outside but need more air, fans are the ideal solution.

Fans create a refreshing breeze that reduces the temperature and disperses stagnant air. Consider incorporating a ceiling fan to your pergola or adding a few portable fans around the space for constant airflow.

Winter Pergola Accessories

3. Heater

Many people believe that pergolas are solely a summer oasis, but they’re also a great getaway in the winter months. Pergola heaters make even the chilliest days feel cozy.

Electric heaters are easily mountable onto the structure, while portable gas heaters offer more flexibility. Any style you choose will give your backyard the warmth it needs to comfortably sip hot cocoa under the stars.

4. Wind-Resistant Screens

The freezing temperatures aren’t the only thing to worry about in the winter. The whipping winds can send a chill throughout the structure. To prevent cups soaring through the air or runaway blankets, wind-resistant screens are a must-have pergola accessory.

This feature can handle winds up to 60 mph and uses a motor for operations. Not only is it easy to use, it’s incredibly convenient when paired with a heater for a toasty outdoor atmosphere.

Year-Round Pergola Accessories

5. Bluetooth Speaker

Some pergola accessories aren’t confined to a season. Having access to your favorite tunes is always a necessity.

Bluetooth speakers offer wireless connectivity for ample flexibility. Plus, many models contain features including mounting options, remote settings, and weather-resistant properties. Each of these elements increases convenience and the environment’s comfortability.

6. Lighting

As the sun sets and the moon rises, lighting becomes imperative. Your pergola wouldn’t be complete without a blend of aesthetic and functional lights.

String lights are a timeless and subtle addition. They’re quick to install and mimic the stars in the night sky.

You can also install LED lights around the top of the pergola. LED lights also offer great versatility, as you can alter the intensity and color with a remote.

Before you get your aluminum pergola kit set up, be sure to have a few of these must-have pergola accessories handy for ultimate enjoyment! Everything from a light and curtains to sturdy bug screens will have you ready to savor time spent outdoors no matter the season.