A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Pergola Size

A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Pergola Size

Many backyards often lack a certain sparkle, serving as underutilized spaces without a definitive character or purpose. The addition of a pergola will dramatically transform any outdoor area into an extraordinary space. Discover how you can choose the right pergola size with this quick guide.

1. Measure the Backyard

Before your imagination runs wild with design ideas, start by comprehensively measuring the backyard. It's imperative to get an overall sense of the space as well as understand the specific dimensions available.

Next, measure the inner portion of the yard. There are likely existing elements in your yard that you must work around, too. A pool, a fence, shrubs, trees, garden beds, and pavers are important to account for before choosing the pergola’s size.

2. Understand the Most Common Pergola Shapes

Pergolas often come in two shapes: square and rectangular. Depending on the dimensions of available space as well as the pergola’s purpose, the shape is essential for selecting the proper size.

Square pergolas often fit well in more compact areas or gardens where a symmetrical design can enhance the area’s visual harmony. Rectangular pergolas are ideal for longer or narrower backyards. They offer extended coverage that displays a cozy, elongated lounge area or a stylish outdoor dining space.

3. Contemplate the Pergola’s Purpose

Choosing the right pergola size comes with deciding on the structure’s purpose. Every homeowner has a unique vision for their backyard. Perhaps one of the following intentions is just what you have in mind for this home improvement project.

Shading Gardens

A pergola designed for shade in gardens doesn't need expansive coverage. A compact 8 x 8 ft. pergola should suffice to provide a balance of shade and sunlight without overwhelming the backyard’s layout or garden’s landscape.

Covering a Patio

One of the most popular uses for pergolas is to cover areas of socialization. If you want to enhance your existing patio to accommodate the changing seasons, a medium-sized pergola is ideal for you.

The dimensions range from 10 x 13 ft. to 12 x 12 ft. They’re sufficient to shelter patio furniture as well as two to six people.

Host Large Gatherings

Homeowners who favor lavish outdoor get-togethers with dining tables and chairs will prefer a large pergola expanding from 15 x 15 ft. to 15 x 19 ft. The substantial coverage offers immense flexibility for every gathering.

In this case, don’t be afraid to fill most of the available space in the yard. When your goal is to consistently host lively gatherings, a large pergola will bring it to fruition.

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