Building vs. Buying a Pergola: Which Is Better?

Building vs. Buying a Pergola: Which Is Better?

Homeowners who adore DIY projects are always searching for new challenges. The summertime is a great season to revamp the backyard and add a shaded structure like a pergola. However, they might wonder if building or buying a pergola is better. Let’s go through the challenges of building a pergola yourself to see if this project is feasible for your skillset.

What Does Building a Pergola Entail?

Stability Concerns

Uneven weight distribution risks a partial or complete collapse. Inaccurate cuts and misalignments can lead to an unbalanced structure that may not only look unsightly but could also pose a safety hazard. A pergola that isn’t perfectly square or has components that don’t fit together correctly cannot withstand varying weather conditions or stand steadily.

Limited Material Options

Professional contractors use various high-grade materials in their projects. If you’re constructing a pergola on your own, you have limited options for materials. Also, you’re less likely to build a strong structure. You will mostly be confined to using wood for the pergola. PVC and metal are out of the question because you won’t have the resources to manufacture the structure. As a result, the pergola may not be as sturdy or aesthetically pleasing as you would hope.

Extensive Development Process

Designing and building a pergola yourself is a significant investment of your time. Once you draw up a design, sourcing the materials presents another time challenge. Do you have to order certain parts? Are some out of stock?

Next, you have to consider the building phase. It requires attention to detail, potentially learning new skills, and a lot of time to construct the pergola safely.

What Does Buying a Pergola Entail?

Searching for the Right Style and Material

Buying a pergola is better than building because it simplifies the project. All you need to do is finalize your budget and start shopping for styles and materials that suit your preferences!

This convenience bypasses the complexities of design, material sourcing, and construction. You have the opportunity to purchase a wide range of sturdy, pre-designed models that cater to various functional and visual aesthetics.

Putting Together a DIY pergola

Buying a luxury pergola kit is the most convenient option. It includes everything you need to construct this beautiful addition on your property. Additionally, many accessories are available for each design, so you can guarantee a stunning outcome!

You will feel satisfied when you buy a pergola from BON Pergola instead of building one yourself. Visit our website to learn more about the styles and sizes to choose from, and prepare to transform your yard!