Can a Louvered Pergola Protect You From the Rain?

Can a Louvered Pergola Protect You From the Rain?

Outdoor spaces should be both stunning and functional. Pergolas are popular additions to outdoor spaces for gatherings, gardens, and relaxing outdoors.

However, many homeowners wonder how functional and versatile pergolas truly are. In fact, one of the biggest concerns is if a louvered pergola will protect you from the rain. Continue reading to find out the answer to this looming question.

The Adjustable Nature of Louvers

Louvered pergolas are distinctive for their adjustable slats, or louvers, to control sunlight and shade. This adaptability boosts comfort and provides rain protection. Closing the louvers establishes an impenetrable roof that shields the space underneath from water, keeping it dry and comfortable.

The Role of the Drainage System

The design of a channeling system where the interlocking nature of the closed louvers guides rainwater to the sides of the structure. From there, the gutters catch the water and channel it into downspouts. This system keeps water away from the area beneath the pergola and diverts it away from the structure to avoid pooling.

The Pergola’s Durability

Aluminum is one of the top materials for pergolas because it is resistant to rust, it’s weatherproof, and it’s incredibly durable. Harsh weather is no match for these resilient outdoor structures!

This metal is inherently lightweight yet strong, making it capable of withstanding various environmental conditions without faltering under the pressure of heavy rain and fast winds. As a result, aluminum louvered pergolas are the best options for homeowners seeking an appealing, rainproof, and long-lasting backyard structure.

There is no doubt that louvered pergolas will protect you from the rain. BON Pergola is proud to offer luxury pergola kits constructed with weatherproof aluminum. Whether you want to spend time outdoors during a rainy day or enjoy a refreshing summer breeze, our louvered pergolas are guaranteed to satisfy you!