Choosing the Right Spot: Tips for Placing Your Pergola

Choosing the Right Spot: Tips for Placing Your Pergola

Aluminum pergolas have a distinctive modern charm. They’re lovely structures that offer shade and are comfortable places to gather. They can also be stunning focal points.

Their stylish and sturdy arrangement offers versatile functionality. Because they fulfill several uses, there isn’t a singular ideal area for them in every backyard.

It’s time to transform your space by installing a pergola! However, if you have no clue where to place your pergola, read the following tips below to choose the right spot and make your vision a reality.

Attach the Pergola and Cover the Deck

If you choose an attached pergola, your options for the location are limited. The pergola relies on the main structure for strength and support. Two posts attach to the house while the other two go into the ground.

The attached pergolas are great additions because they offer continuous coverage extending from the interior to the backyard. Whether you want to create an outdoor dining area or simply add some shade, attached pergolas are amazing structures that won’t take up any extra room in the backyard.

Place the Pergola With the Sun’s Path in Mind

The sun’s path isn’t only valuable to recognize when you’re growing trees, flowers, vegetables, or greenery. The luminous star will also influence where you place your pergola in the backyard.

The sun's position changes throughout the seasons, with its height being more pronounced during the summer and lower during the winter. Therefore, strategically placing the pergola can ensure maximum shade during the scorching summer months while allowing more sunlight to filter through during the colder seasons.

A commonly recommended practice is to orient the longest side of the pergola in a north-south direction. This orientation offers optimal shade when the sun is at its highest point during the summer, creating a cool and shaded retreat.

In contrast, when the sun sits at a lower angle in the winter months, this positioning allows its warming rays to penetrate the space, making it more comfortable during colder days. Always keep in mind that the goal is to create an outdoor living space that caters to your needs all year.

Avoid Blocking Stunning Landscaping Features

When planning where to place your pergola, it's essential to consider the existing landscape features. Be mindful of mature trees, flower beds, or any other elements that are already part of your backyard's charm.

A pergola should enhance the space, not hinder its beauty. The trick is to stand at the backdoor or patio. When you look out into the yard, what do you see? Which features give you the most pleasure?

Next, consider where the pergola would fit in. You want to position it so that it doesn’t obstruct these features but instead integrates them into its design.

Try to imagine what would happen if you placed the pergola in each sector you had in mind. Would there be any concealed components? If the answer is yes, consider moving the structure to another part of the yard to prevent this scenario.

Use the Pergola As the Backyard’s Focal Point

Some homeowners have few attractions in the backyard. In such cases, a pergola can serve as a captivating focal point.

Pergolas breathe life into the landscape, breaking the monotony of flat and expansive yards. The vertical elements of a pergola add depth and dimension to construct a more visually interesting space.

An elaborate and beautifully crafted pergola can naturally draw the eye and command attention in your backyard. Just remember that it should also serve a purpose.

If you position it in the center of the yard, be sure to adorn it with lanterns, tables, seating, a fire pit, and more. The central location, paired with the purposeful design, will make the pergola effortlessly stand out.

Use a Pergola as a Garden Accessory

Perhaps you have a luscious array of garden beds and climbing plants in the backyard. All you want is a luxurious space to enjoy the outdoors and watch the plants thrive.

Pergolas can be lovely accessories to gardens. Place the structure in a central location that won’t obstruct the plants’ access to sunlight.

Then, start adding items like string lights, lanterns, rugs, and a cozy hammock or rocking chair. You can even incorporate hanging plants into the pergola’s posts for further sumptuous greenery. This space will grow to become your favorite place to relax when you need tranquility.

Cultivate Better Plant Growth With Pergolas

Pergolas are not solely eye-catching additions. They can serve a great purpose for gardening as well.

The louvers can open and close based on your plants’ growing requirements. On days with excessive rainfall or scorching temperatures, it might be a good idea to close the louvers to protect the plants.

The pergola’s sturdy structure can also offer protection against strong winds with the addition of windscreens. It can guard the plants from winds that are up to 60 mph. All you have to do is move the screen down on especially windy days to ensure the plants remain safe and sound.

Pergolas possess a naturally protective quality. Installing one above your backyard garden will help you nurture a diverse array of plant species and bring vitality like never before.

Find Flat Ground Amid a Hilly Backyard

Not all yards are entirely even. Many have bumps and curves and hills to navigate. This is something you’ll have to take into account before finalizing your pergola’s location.

Start by identifying an area with minimal sloping, if possible. If the entire yard is steep, you may need to consider terracing or leveling a small section of the yard. This not only ensures stability and safety but enhances the visual appeal.

If you have a very complex foundation, it doesn’t hurt to ask for professional assistance. Perhaps you need an expert to level the ground to make room for the pergola in the place you desire.

One of the greatest perks of selecting a custom pergola kit from BON Pergola is that you have the power to position the structure wherever you’d like in your yard. As you think about all these tips for placing the pergola, you can guarantee you’re choosing the right spot .

Choosing the Right Spot: Tips for Placing Your Pergola