Freestanding vs. Attached Pergolas: Which Is Right for You?

Freestanding vs. Attached Pergolas: Which Is Right for You?

You love your afternoons spent outside reading a novel and dinner parties at night with friends. The fresh air and comforting shade provide exactly what you need to feel at peace outside.

Pergolas are great additions to enhance your backyard living space and encourage spending more time outdoors. However, when faced with which type of pergola to invest in, you may feel unsure of the answer.

There are two styles to pick from: freestanding and attached pergolas, but which is right for you? Read below to find out!

Freestanding Pergolas

Freestanding pergolas are independent structures with at least four posts or pillars that support the roof-like top. They don’t rely on an existing structure. As a result, there’s a wide range of possibilities for placement on your property!

This style of pergola stands alone. It’s an exceptional focal point that can serve as a cover for a garden, patio, or firepit. Homeowners with large backyards particularly love this freedom because it gives each section of the yard more purpose.

Additionally, since they don’t connect to your house, they're less likely to develop problems because of your home's structural issues. You can simply enjoy the freestanding pergola’s shade and beauty through all seasons.

Attached Pergolas

On the other hand, attached pergolas connect to an existing structure (most commonly the deck or backside of the house). The seamless transition between the two structures is visually appealing and convenient.

While attached pergolas rely on the main structure for support, they often require two or more posts on the outer edge to support the weight of the beams and rafters. This connection demands careful installation to ensure the house or deck doesn’t become damaged and that the pergola is secure.

Despite this, their construction can be quicker and less invasive. Fewer posts are necessary in the ground. Not to mention, there are fewer required materials for the project.

Rain or shine, an attached pergola offers a sheltered area ideal for lounging, dining, and many other activities. The structure can also provide additional shade to keep your home cool on sunny days.

Choose Which Pergola Is Right for You!

There are plenty of benefits of both freestanding and attached pergolas, but you need to decide which is right for you!

Perhaps you prefer to have the pergola attached to your home. In this case, you’ll need the assistance of a contractor to ensure they sturdily fix the structure in place. You don’t want to have a mishap down the line, lose your beloved pergola, and jeopardize your family’s safety.

If you want the power to build the structure on your own, select a high-quality custom pergola kit from BON PERGOLA! You’ll receive a DIY-friendly kit with every part you need for a stunning aluminum pergola to stand tall through every season.