How Do Aluminum Pergolas Affect Your Home’s Value?

How Do Aluminum Pergolas Affect Your Home’s Value?

Aluminum pergolas have become a popular choice among homeowners seeking to elevate both the aesthetics and functionality of their outdoor living areas. These versatile structures provide a shaded retreat for relaxation and entertainment and significantly enhance your home's overall value.

But what are the ways aluminum pergolas can affect your home’s value? Continue reading about the features that stand out the most to future buyers and will result in a positive return on the investment.

Enhanced Outdoor Living Space

Buyers love to see a beautifully designed and well-cared-for backyard. The presence of an aluminum pergola is a great addition for transforming outdoor spaces. It distinguishes an area for dining, socialization, and relaxation.

Adding furniture like comfortable seating, a dining table, or a grill area under the pergola can create an inviting outdoor room that speaks of comfort and style. Climbing plants or hanging garden lights can further beautify this space.

This improved outdoor living area enhances your home satisfaction while developing into a compelling feature for buyers. They can see the potential for amazing entertainment and relaxation in the backyard. The natural allure of your property will make an incredible impression that increases its market value.

Durable Structure

Aluminum pergolas are admired for their durability and long-lasting qualities. The structures are designed to effortlessly withstand strong winds, heavy rain and snow, and extreme temperatures.

As a result, future buyers won’t have to worry about paying extra for a structure that will need repair or replacement in a couple of years. They can rest assured that an aluminum pergola won’t succumb to the toughest weather conditions.

Low-Maintenance Requirements

Some buyers are deterred by features they think will require extensive upkeep. This could include pools and hot tubs, old fireplaces, or a dilapidated wooden deck.

But with a pergola, maintenance isn’t a problem. There’s no need to worry about rotting, rust, insect infestation, or painting. Once the aluminum pergola is installed in the perfect spot, further maintenance is unnecessary.

The Bottom Line: Aluminum Pergolas Provide a Positive Return on Investment

Installing a modern aluminum pergola can add value to homes at a rate of 50–80 percent return on investment (ROI), with an average national value increase of about $28,000 or 54.9 percent payback.

Suffice to say, adding an aluminum pergola will positively affect your home’s value! The next step is choosing the right aluminum pergola kit provided by BON Pergola to make your outdoor space complete.