Small Patio Retreat: Creating a Private Outdoor Getaway

Small Patio Retreat: Creating a Private Outdoor Getaway

You deserve a dazzling backyard! A brisk breeze or muggy weather won’t stop you from enjoying the outdoors. Need some inspiration? Here’s what you’ll need to make a small patio retreat, creating a private outdoor getaway at home.

Start By Installing a Pergola

A pergola can serve as the cornerstone of your getaway, providing both structure and style. Installing one creates a shaded area for relaxation and adds a vertical element to your patio; it draws the eyes upward and gives the illusion of extra space.

You’ll have the perfect overhead protection for your small outdoor area, whether you decide to install a freestanding or attached pergola. All that’s left to do is find all the right accessories to complete the oasis.

Select Multipurpose Furniture Items

With limited space, every piece of furniture must have multiple functions. It’s the perfect solution to maximize every inch of the patio for a luxurious finish.

Garden benches with storage compartments are great for storing outdoor cushions. A small side table is great for holding snacks and drinks when you’re reading in the backyard or hosting a party. Lastly, extendable tables are favorable because it’s easy to alter the size at any moment.

Don’t forget about versatile seating. Consider multi-purpose seating options, such as ottomans and stools, that can double as side tables when needed. A hammock chair or swing can add a playful touch while offering a relaxing spot to lounge.

Add a Cozy Firepit

Firepits are a backyard classic, but the bulkiness and danger of a real fire don’t fit your backyard getaway vision. Fortunately, electric firepits are compact yet efficient options for a warm and cozy ambiance.

Positioning your electric fire pit as the focal point of your patio can create a cozy atmosphere that invites relaxation and conversation. Don’t forget to select a model with a flat edge that can serve as a table when the fire is off. Just like the multipurpose furniture you selected, the firepit will accommodate many types of activities for your retreat.

Incorporate Greenery

Elegant greenery will make you feel like you’re at a five-star resort. Since you don’t have substantial space for large potted plants, take advantage of adding greening from above.

You can easily suspend hanging plant baskets from the pergola’s aluminum beams. Train climbing plants such as clematis, ivy, or passionflower, to grow vertically, turning your patio’s walls or fences into a living, green statement piece. They add a sense of depth and height while creating a gorgeous, natural backdrop.

Introduce Incredible Pergola Accessories

BON Pergola supplies amazing motorized louvered pergola kits and an array of pergola accessories that can instantly elevate your small patio retreat, creating a private outdoor getaway.

Some of the accessories you may prefer are slat aluminum fencing, windscreens, and sliding glass. These elements will provide ample coverage and an air of elegance every time you sit in your serene backyard.