Common Types of Pergolas for Your Outdoor Space

Common Types of Pergolas for Your Outdoor Space

Pergolas easily upgrade outdoor spaces, providing a shaded and distinct lounging area. Pergolas offer many benefits and uses, whether you use your pergola for plant shade and garden décor or outdoor dining. However, the type of pergola you select can change your outdoor experiences. Explore the most common types of pergolas for your outdoor space and find the perfect pergola for your needs.

Traditional Wood Pergola

Traditional pergolas are wooden, providing a natural and cozy shaded structure. The wood material gives off a cottage-like, boho, and whimsical appearance that enhances the coziness and appeal of your outdoor spaces. Traditional pergolas require regular maintenance to prevent infestations and mold because of their wooden makeup.

Modern Metal Pergola

Modern pergolas shift from wooden structures to metal ones, providing a more industrial, sleek, and contemporary look. Metal pergolas are durable and long-lasting, requiring minimal upkeep and treating you to a worthy long-term investment. Metal pergolas also offer upgrade potential. You can easily accessorize them with different upgrades, from lights to privacy covers. Metal pergolas best fit your needs for a modern and reliable outdoor shelter.

Attached Pergola

Most pergolas are free-standing structures, allowing you to place them anywhere in your designated outdoor space. Attached pergolas, on the other hand, connect to your property’s exterior, extending your home or business establishment outwards. Attached pergolas create cohesion between your interior and exterior, allowing the two spaces to flow into each other. An attached pergola gives you this free flow and more if you love to open your back doors and bring the outdoors in and vice versa.

Arched Pergola

Most pergola designs feature a flat roof. Arched pergolas, however, create curves that can influence your outdoor aesthetic, ambiance, and appeal. Architectural arches represent romance and elegance, emanating coziness, warmth, and class. Arched pergolas exude all of those qualities, providing you with a romantic, elegant, and cozy outdoor space.

Louvered Pergola

Louvers are a shutter design with slats that open and close. Louvered pergolas give you the ability to shut or open their rooves, allowing you to determine how much or little sunlight passes through. Unlike traditional pergola designs which have open roof slats, a lovered pergola provides more weather protection. The louvers form a flat barrier that shelters you from the elements when you shut them, preventing the rain from getting onto your outdoor furniture.

Pergolas come in many common types that shape your outdoor spaces and experiences. The pergola type you choose affects the benefits you enjoy. At BON Pergola, we offer aluminum louvered pergolas that combine the designs behind both louvered and metal pergolas. Our multifaceted pergolas offer many benefits, from weather protection to reliable durability. Find the perfect pergola for your outdoor space and enhance your time outside.