Important Considerations When Buying a Custom Pergola Kit

Important Considerations When Buying a Custom Pergola Kit

Are you ready to upgrade your outdoor space with a pergola? From their versatility to their aesthetic design, pergolas offer lots of beneficial qualities to love, making them a great addition to backyards. Choosing the right pergola for your needs and space maximizes the benefits, performance, and experiences your pergola provides.

Opting for a custom pergola kit lets you personalize your pergola, from its appearance to functionality, to better meet your wants and needs. A customized pergola elevates your outdoor space into the ultimate getaway for you. Guarantee a pergola that meets your every need by considering these important factors when buying a custom pergola kit.

What Kind of Size and Design Best Suits Your Space?

Pergolas should effortlessly complement your space, not create obstructions or hindrances. Exploring and considering the different pergola sizes and designs helps you choose a kit that’ll work with your outdoor space—not against it. Every aspect of your pergola’s design matters and influences how it’ll interact with your backyard.

Size Considerations

Pergola sizes affect the structure’s purpose and implementation. Small pergolas, typically ranging around 8 feet by 8 feet or smaller, provide minimal coverage. Most people use small pergolas as plant shade, aesthetic garden entryways, and covers for compact seating options. Medium-sized pergolas that span 10 feet by 10 or 15 feet give you plenty of space for a fully furnished outdoor lounge and dining space. Finally, larger pergolas can cover an entire backyard space, extending your home farther beyond its interior. Depending on how you want to use your pergola, the best sizing option for your needs varies.

Placement Options

Pergolas come in two main installation placements: attached or stand-alone. Attached pergolas extend out from your home, with one end connected to your wall. Stand-alone, on the other hand, are not attached to your home, so you can place them anywhere in your outdoor space. Most people with smaller backyards opt for attached pergolas, as the fewer pergola legs save space.

Structural Shape

Standard pergolas are rectangular. However, you can also find curved or arched pergola shapes, giving you different structures to explore. Depending on your outdoor space’s limitations and capacity, certain shapes work better than others. A wide-open yard gives you plenty of room for a large rectangular pergola. Conversely, a narrower outdoor space works well with an arched pergola, as the raised awning expands your space upward. Finally, curved pergolas are perfect if you have a large tree in the middle of your yard.

Material Selection

Different design features of your pergola affect how the structure functions, interacts with its surroundings, and looks. The material of your pergola influences all of the above. Pergolas typically come in metal, wood, or vinyl, offering distinct aesthetics and varying pros and cons.

Wooden pergolas complement outdoor spaces with an earthy, rustic aesthetic, keeping everything in your yard natural. Vinyl pergolas are more weather resistant and offer more design versatility than wooden styles but are less environmentally friendly. Metal pergolas exude modern flair, complementing sleek, modernized, and industrial outdoor aesthetics. Considering your desired or current outdoor space aesthetic helps you decide what type of pergola you should buy.

Do You Want Your Pergola To Be DIY-Friendly?

Whether you like to take on home projects yourself or are trying to save money on your backyard transformation, your pergola kit’s DIY-ability plays an important role in your decision-making. DIY installations offer many advantages and disadvantages, influencing an array of factors, from your experience to final results.

DIY-ing lets you put up your pergola exactly how you want it and in your own time. You don’t have to work around somebody else’s schedule or worry about miscommunication. However, more complicated pergola structures require certain skill levels and resources that a professional installer might be better suited to provide. Still, professional services can add up in costs and leave you with scheduling delays.

If you want to save money and put your pergola up when and where you please, consider a DIY-friendly pergola kit. BON Pergola provides you with innovative pergola engineering in a simple and DIY-able design. Pergola kits from BON Pergola give you modern, high-performing pergolas that you can set up and enjoy without professional aid.

How Durable and Weather Resistant Is the Structure?

As outdoor structures, pergolas have to face the wrath of the weather. From muggy heat and damaging UV rays to rain and high winds, outdoor environments endure a lot of intense exposures that can wear and tear anything they contain. Considering the durability and weather resistance of your pergola kit ensures you upgrade your backyard with a reliable structure that you can enjoy for many years to come.

What Are Your Long-Term Goals?

Custom pergola kits allow you to adjust and personalize your pergola to best meet your desires and needs. However, those wants and needs might look different in the future. Maybe you will move or have more money to invest in high-tech features. Therefore, considering your long-term goals is an important part of your pergola choice.

For example, if you know you will move states to one with more seasonal weather and temperatures, then you’ll need a pergola compatible with heating installations. Buying a pergola kit that offers numerous customization possibilities allows you to adapt your pergola in the future and continue reaping the many benefits the structure offers.

What Purpose Do You Want Your Pergola To Serve?

One of the greatest benefits of pergolas is their versatile functionality. You can use pergolas in many ways, from a garden shader to an outdoor lounge space. How you intend to use your pergola determines the attributes and features you should consider when buying a pergola kit.

Shade Coverage

One of the most popular attributes of pergolas is their shade coverage. Outdoor environments expose you to many different conditions, from sun to rain. Shaded covers protect you from such exposures.

Pergola designs come in many variations, including different coverage options. Some pergolas feature full-coverage awnings, providing maximum shade and protection. Other designs use a traditional trellis awning that provides a bit of shade but still lets plenty of sunlight through with multiple roof openings. Louvered pergolas give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to open up your awning and let some sunshine through or keep it close for protective coverage. Motorized pergolas allow you to effortlessly switch between different shade coverages.

Comfort Amenities

If you want to use your pergola to create a comfortable and cozy outdoor space, you’ll want to consider a custom pergola kit with comfort amenities like the following:

  • Heating solutions
  • Lighting options
  • Privacy shades
  • Fans
  • Electrical power outlets

Consider these important factors when buying a custom pergola kit to get a pergola that complements your space and suits your wants and needs. BON Pergola offers various custom pergola kits that give you lots of options to personalize and enhance your pergola. Check out BON Pergola’s pergolas and upgrade your backyard with an innovative, multifunctional, and modern outdoor architectural structure.

Important Considerations When Buying a Custom Pergola Kit