Louvered Pergolas vs. Gazebos: Which Is Right for Your Home?

Louvered Pergolas vs. Gazebos: Which Is Right for Your Home?

Gazebos are made up of pillars that create a six- or eight-sided structure. More modern versions of the Victorian design have a rectangular shape. They contain a railing at the edges and a roof that comes to a peak. Most designs contain a step or two leading up to the base.

A louvered pergola is a large modern outdoor structure that, unlike a gazebo, doesn’t have an established roof. The slats are open to the sunlight. However, louvered pergolas allow you to control how much sunlight peeks through. This is a functional and stylish addition to the average pergola design.

How will you decide if a louvered pergola or a gazebo is right for your home? Continue reading the information below to learn more!

Weather Resistance

Both gazebos and pergolas are great when it comes to withstanding tough weather. Unlike other brands on the market, BON Pergola sells aluminum louvered pergolas that are wind-rated up to 80 miles per hour! Additionally, it has a modern yet practical design that’s prepared to resist rusting, strong rainstorms, and heavy snowfall.

Traditional gazebos are made from hardwood. This material is more likely to result in rotted wood or bug infestations if not properly sealed. Nevertheless, more gazebos today are made from aluminum or vinyl for a more durable finish.


The next question to ask yourself is if a louvered pergola or a gazebo is versatile enough to suit your backyard. Gazebos have a solid roof; any sunlight that streams through will come from the sides of the structure. A gazebo cannot accommodate the desire for direct sunlight.

Louvered pergolas have the option to let the sunshine illuminate or block the space below. As a result, this design is much more versatile than a gazebo. Plus, it’s much easier to add wind screens or heaters around the seating area so that guests can sit more comfortably in the hot summers and chilly days of spring and fall.

Uncomplicated Construction

A key difference that affects whether a louvered pergola or a gazebo is right for your home is how the structures are built.

Even though it’s possible to construct a gazebo on your own from scratch, it’s not considered a DIY-friendly project. The complex architecture makes for a daunting and difficult construction process.

You can find a motorized louvered pergola kit and build it on your own! When you receive a kit from Bon Pergola, you’ll receive detailed instructions and have access to online videos for additional assistance. This swift DIY project won’t take long, and you can start enjoying the lovely outdoor design in no time.