The Anatomy of a Pergola: Parts of a Pergola Explained

The Anatomy of a Pergola: Parts of a Pergola Explained

Pergolas are stunning backyard additions! Whether they serve as a shelter for an outdoor kitchen, a cozy lounging space, or a personal garden, pergolas are practical improvements.

Many homeowners choose DIY pergolas for an affordable and personalized experience. If you plan to install the structure yourself, you should understand the anatomy of a pergola. Here’s a brief explanation of the most important pergola parts in your kit.


Posts are the vertical structures supporting the roof. These crucial components are rust-resistant and highly durable. They are the first things you secure into the ground. All four posts must be level and vertically straight to ensure the stability of the entire structure.


Pergola beams run horizontally along the top of the posts and add support to the louvers. They’re made from the same rust-resistant aluminum to maintain strength throughout the structure.

Beams contribute to the pergola’s stability and define its width and length, giving shape and dimension to the structure. To create a strong and balanced foundation, carefully measure the beams so they are parallel and evenly spaced for the louvers.


Louvers are adjustable slats installed as the roof for functional and aesthetic purposes. Modern aluminum pergolas include manual or electronic louvers to offer full or partial shade. This feature makes pergolas more versatile than typical outdoor structures.

Corner Guards

Installing corner guards can also ensure the pergola’s frame doesn’t succumb to wear and tear. You would affix these metal components to the outer edges of the pergola’s posts, where the framework meets. Corner guards help maintain the pergola’s structural integrity and aesthetic appeal by safeguarding the corners against external forces or inclement weather.


Homes have gutters, and pergolas use them, too! When it rains or snow melts, a pergola’s gutters collect and redirect water so that it doesn’t pool at the base. This functional component will protect the pergola, your house, and the surrounding outdoor area from water damage.

Anchor Screws

These specialized screws anchor the pergola’s posts to a concrete base or directly into the soil. Anchor screws withstand the test of time with their rust-resistant composure and durability. By precisely installing each of these pieces when needed, you’ll preserve the integrity of your new pergola!

Fortunately, the anatomy of a pergola isn’t difficult to comprehend. When you receive a DIY aluminum pergola from BON Pergola, you’ll have a solid explanation of the parts for a straightforward build.